• This website gathers information about the project asciidoc toolkit for LabVIEW.
  • The project is open source, if you want to contribute feel free to contact us!

New release: v1.3.0

This version introduces new formating features:

  • Table:
    • Width, style and alignment for each column of a table
    • Width, border and stripes of the table
  • Document
    • Select where you want the TOC (Table Of Content) to be displayed in HTML files
    • Add revison information
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New maintenance release with UTF-8 support: v1.2.1

This version introduces some changes and bug fix you can see below. It brings you UTF-8 support to allow extended characters support.

Release note


  • Ouptut string encoding set to UTF-8 –> #27

  • If needed for recording the output in a file, folder arborescence is created –> #28

Bug Fix :

  • Rendering issue when paragraph is empty –> #14
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New release: v1.2.0

This version introduces some new features, changes and bug fix you can see below.

Release note

New features:

  • Add Diagram bloc –> #22
  • Add function to add custom attributes not directly handle by the toolkit –> #26
  • Handle Doctype property –> #25


  • Email information added to Author –> #23 ⚠️ This change breaks public toolkit interface. You will have to modify existing code after update

  • Wovalab_lib_AsciiDoctor library is no more installed in Sources folder

Bug Fix :

  • Document header was ill formed when Autors array was empty –> #24
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3 Useful Tools to Render Asciidoc

Asciidoc syntax is quite readable as a plain text file, but not as easy as the same file rendered as HTML or PDF.

If you want to quickly test the final render of your file the following tools can be useful.

#1 - Asciidoctor.js Live Preview

Asciidoctor.js Live Preview is a Google Chrome extension that will display any asciidoc file as html directly inside your browser.

Asciidoctor.js Live Preview in Chrome Toolbar

This is one of the easiest ways to display asciidoc files.

Download extension here

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New release: v1.1.0 directly available in VI Package Manager

This version introduces some new features, changes and bug fix you can see below.

I want to thank people who contribute to this new version with code and ideas:

but it’s also easier to install thanks to the new VIPM Community repository.

Asciidoc for LabVIEW in VIPM

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