New release: v1.3.0

This version introduces new formating features:

  • Table:
    • Width, style and alignment for each column of a table
    • Width, border and stripes of the table
  • Document
    • Select where you want the TOC (Table Of Content) to be displayed in HTML files
    • Add revison information

Release note

New features:

  • Handle column formating in tables –> #34
  • Handle table attributes –> #33
  • Handle TOC position for HTML5 output –> #29
  • Handle document revision number, date and remark –> #32
  • Add accessor to get sections contain in a subsection –> #30

Package Download

Package is directly available through the free version of VI Package Manager.

LabVIEW supported version

2014 (32 and 64 bit) and above

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