New release: v1.1.0 directly available in VI Package Manager

This version introduces some new features, changes and bug fix you can see below.

I want to thank people who contribute to this new version with code and ideas:

but it’s also easier to install thanks to the new VIPM Community repository.

Asciidoc for LabVIEW in VIPM

Package Download (if still needed)

Asciidoc toolkit for LabVIEW v1.1.0


Installation can be made with the free version of VI Package Manager.

LabVIEW supported version

2014 (32 and 64 bit) and above

Release note

New features

  • Add polymorphic capability to append content (bloc and section) –> #9
  • Add function to generate output for sections (skip the document header) –> #19
  • Add function to import content from another file into the current document (include directive) –> #20
  • Add toc levels attribute –> #18
  • Add numbering section attribute –> #11


  • Natural section level handling –> #12
  • Section vi icon –> #10
  • New Attributes palette functions

Bug fix

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