New release: v1.4.0

This version introduces advanced table formating and fixes some minor bugs:

Advanced table formating

You can now build modern table including images <1>, admonitions <2> and nested tables <3> in cells. On top of that, you can also span cells over rows or columns <3>.

Advanced table built with asciidoc for LabVIEW toolkit

Building this table is made easy by this new version and you don’t need to know anything about asciidoc syntax.


Big thanks to Paul Morris for his contributions to improving the table creation and for the VIs description review.

Release note

New features:

  • Add support for advanced table creation –> #35


  • Add description to the public functions –> #38


  • Images dont get rendered if the “alt text” input is an empty string –> #36
  • Problem with “Format” if the input string begins or ends with a space character. –> #17

Package Download

The package is directly available through the free version of VI Package Manager.

LabVIEW supported version

2014 (32 and 64 bit) and above

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