New release: v1.2.0

This version introduces some new features, changes and bug fix you can see below.

Release note

New features:

  • Add Diagram bloc –> #22
  • Add function to add custom attributes not directly handle by the toolkit –> #26
  • Handle Doctype property –> #25


  • Email information added to Author –> #23 ⚠️ This change breaks public toolkit interface. You will have to modify existing code after update

  • Wovalab_lib_AsciiDoctor library is no more installed in Sources folder

Bug Fix :

  • Document header was ill formed when Autors array was empty –> #24

Package Download

Package is directly available through the free version of VI Package Manager.

If you still want to download the package, use this link: Asciidoc toolkit for LabVIEW v1.2.0

LabVIEW supported version

2014 (32 and 64 bit) and above

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