Version 1.2, UML Class Diagram and lots of improvements

This new version brings you lots of improvements and is going to interest LabVIEW developpers who are not using DQMH(T)framework. If you don’t want to read the change log, here is a sumary of what you get with this new version:

  • UML Class diagram representation
  • DQMH custom error listing
  • Multi-target support
  • A much better way to display information in the final document ; more useful content in less pages

Special thanks to Tatiana Boyé who contributed on the UML class diagram feature with her tool, classy Diagram Viewer.

Antidoc v1.2 in action

Important note: Antidoc CLI needs to be updated to be compatible with this version

We also know that some of LabVIEW devs are expecting more from Antidoc. Unfortunately, this version is not going to bring you the following stuff yet:

  • Specific AF parsing
  • Support for any kind of referenced class
  • Lots of awesome features we have in mind but didn’t develop yet

Antidoc v1.2.0

The package is directly available through VI Package Manager.

Release note

New features

  • List “DQMH-like” custom errors –> #16
  • Strip certain elements from VI descriptions –> #21
  • Add section only if necessary –> #32
  • Allow choosing the libraries to include in the doc –> #70
  • Add UML class diagram representation –> #72
  • Add support for RT targets –> #73
  • Improve navigation in HTML file –> #76
  • Add a way to display commit/tag in the document –> #77
  • Improve representation of “Request and wait for Reply in graphs –> #78
  • Allow to not describe default DQMH request and broadcast –> #80
  • Add new document hierarchy –> #81
  • Save/Load config in file –> #83
  • Add a way to measure user behavior –> #84
  • Render VI list as table –> #86
  • End of generation dialog improvement –> #87
  • Add version number to libraries description –> #91


  • Make the “Lvlib to not parse–” public –> #71

Bug fix

  • Memory management –> #88
  • Module section lists own requests in “Used Request” table –> #89
  • Do not parse nested lib/class in a lib section –> #90
  • Image creation issue –> #92
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