Version 1.2.2, maintainance release for continuous improvement

This new version is mainly for DQMH framework users. The main fixes improve the reliability of DQMH module relationship parsing.

We also improve the readability of requests/broadcasts tables generated by removing useless information and sorting items in alphabetical order.

Antidoc v1.2.2

The package is directly available through VI Package Manager.

Release note

Bug fix

  • Filtering of libraries by name not applied when using the API –> #125
  • Typo in progress bar text –> #126
  • Modules Overview diagram doesn’t show all of the broadcast/request arrows –> #134
  • Some tables were empty –> #135
  • Disabling the List Default DQMH Events option does not work –> #147
  • Show correct current legal information of DQMH –> #159
  • lvlibs containing DQMH modules show as separate DQMH modules –> #160

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