Version 2.0.0, major release!

Here is the second major version of Antidoc.

This is a significant rewriting that brings two major features:

Generation of the PDF/HTML5 output

Until there, Antidoc was generating a plain text file you’d need to render in a more readable format through a web extension or after installing the Asciidoctor toolchain manually.

You can now choose to generate the PDF or the HTML version of the documentation at the end of the generation process.

Antidoc end of generation dialog

Add-on’s mechanism

Antidoc now supports document-type add-ons. That means that anyone can create their type of document!

Antidoc add-on selector

An add-on can implement its own:

  • user configuration window
  • parsing process
  • document composition

Antidoc handles the configuration recording and the document generation.

Existing add-ons

LabVIEW project

This is actually the original kind of document Antidoc has been generating from the beginning. It produces the documentation of the code source using a lvproj file as a starting point

GitLab project


LabVIEW toolkit

This is an all-new kind of document Antidoc can now generate. Starting with a mnu file, the add-on generates the documentation of the different palettes described by the

GitLab project



Antidoc package is directly available through VI Package Manager.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to install at least one add-on to Antidoc working.

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